How to Clean In Between the Glass on Your Oven

I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully. ~ I Timothy 5:14

I am often teased that when I am not at work, I am at home cooking with my 1940’s dress, heels, apron and string of pearls. That is not the case! And this post is going to prove just how NOT “perfect wife material” I am!

For a few years now I have been strategically using a tea towel to hide the spots in my oven door. A couple years ago, I was removing a hot pan and burned myself. I jumped and sloshed hot liquid down the oven door. I cleaned the outside and the inside, but it didn’t help. The door was still dirty because the spill went between the glass of my oven door. This past Saturday I fixed the problem. As I cannot be the only one to do this, I took pictures planning to share with you how to clean this difficult to reach area.

Let me first say that after doing online research, I tried the wire coat hanger with a rag through the holes at the top method. It was totally ineffective. First of all, you have to find your thinnest, most ragged rag to fit through the very tiny space. Second, you have zero mobility for reaching the areas that you want to tackle. Third, you cannot put elbow grease into a hanger. I needed a real solution and this wasn’t it. That being said, the area is transformed now!

Here is the oven before I started. Ewwwww!!!!!


You start by opening the oven door. Unscrew the torx screws on the inside of your door. (Some have two; others have three.) I didn’t have a screwdriver shaped exactly like them, but my Phillips worked fine. As you unscrew them, your door will separate in two parts like this. Seeing this picture totally proves I’m not Suzy Homemaker, right?


If you have lots of crumbs inside, you may need to take a vacuum hose and sweep them up first. Next, take your favorite window cleaner and clean the glass. You will be surprised to find that the spots wipe off easily because, unlike the interior of your oven, foods and liquids haven’t been cooked on.

Now, screw your door back together. You’re finished!


I feel pretty silly for letting the door bother me for so long and not cleaning it sooner, but I really didn’t know how. I thought it would be more difficult! Excuses, excuses! Well I don’t have one for this job any more. Sooooo simple!

So, when are you going to tackle yours?

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