Tuesday’s Tidy Tip: Suit Up

clothing“He that handleth a matter wisely shall find good: and whoso trusteth in the Lord, happy is he.” ~ Proverbs 16:20

As Christian women, it is our duty to strive to run our homes wisely. Now our definitions of wisely may differ, but for me, a wisely run home is a well-organized, clean but comfortable house. I want my home to be clean enough that guests can stop over unannounced but not so clean that my family and friends worry about messing something up just because they kicked off their shoes, grabbed a quilt, and settled on the couch to read a good book or watch a movie. This is home. Comfort you can feel. Surfaces you can see.

How do you reach this point of having a wisely run household? Well, that’s a process. One I like to chat about here on the site and in my classes. The process may take some time, but I always remember the cliche “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Neither was creating the atmosphere I want in my home. Today, is not about the whole process but rather one minute detail that helps me to reach the desired end result. Today, I want to talk about using wisdom in the running of your household.

Any wise woman will tell you that the key to running a home is the correct tools. You cannot take a shower without a shower. You cannot sweep the floor without a bag in your sweeper. You cannot wash dishes without water. You cannot dust a surface without a dust rag. You cannot run a household without the proper wardrobe! Say what? Some of you are cheering — clothes and accessories are your dear friends! Others of are you more skeptical, but I wan to gently encourage you to hear me out on this one. If you want your home to be run with wisdom (and your view of a wisely run home is similar to mine), then you need to achieve the highest level of success when you schedule cleaning time. The “tool” here is dressing the part.

If you have a big interview for an executive position, you would wear a suit to the interview. You would want the interviewer to see that you were a serious candidate, one who understands the significance of the role and the value of presentation. If you work in a doctor’s office in any of the positions where you  help the patients, you are required to wear scrubs. If you came into the room in jeans, a t-shirt and flip flops, the patient probably wouldn’t take you seriously and wouldn’t allow you to examine them. Clothing matters simply because it tells people the nature of your position.

When you are cleaning your house, you need to convince yourself that YOU MEAN BUSINESS, that your productivity matters. As I already said, the right clothes help put you in the mood or the mindset of whatever you are doing. If you get up and start working in pajamas, when you get a little bit tired, it will be very easy to hop back into bed or lay down on the couch for a few minutes. Before you know it, the day has slipped away. Pajamas put you in the mindset of rest. Instead, you need to jump into the work. Nothing makes that easier than “suiting up for the job”. To do this, you want to put on real clothes (it’s ok if they are work-out clothes), comb your hair and put on lace-up tennis shoes (not the kind you can kick off).

Outfits are not complete without shoes and tennis shoes make or brake this outfit. In addition to making you feel ready to work, they allow you to do the 100+ little jobs that you would put off if you weren’t wearing shoes. The trash bag is full, so you can carry it to the car. The bills need to be mailed, so you can run around the corner to the post office drop box and mail them. You have a box of yard sale items priced for next month’s yard sale, so you carry them on to the garage and out of your living space. You have a bag of clothes ready for the Goodwill, you can load them directly in the car. Finally your tennis shoes make you less likely to climb in bed or settle down on the couch and put your feet up. You would have to take them off first which gives you time to evaluate if that really is the best direction to take or if you would rather keep cleaning just a little bit longer.

Today’s lesson is simple but oh so powerful. Tell yourself that you are ready to move mountains and show yourself you mean business by dressing the part. Today’s Tuesday Tidy Tip is to suit up and jump into running a wise household! Try it and tell me what you think!


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